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Posted: January 28, 2013 in Poetry
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Beer Bottle On Black

Down, down


my body

Its liquid warmth

Spreading, spreading

Coursing through my veins

Numbing the effects from my day

Never again will their words slice my brain

Hiding, hiding

Their words cannot reach us inside this bottle

Their fists will not be a mach for these glass walls

Teasing though they will, hurting me they will never

Comforting, comforting

So sweetly she takes me under her liquid wings

So sweetly she lends me the courage I need

To ward off their forthcoming attacks

 Outline Man Sitting Chair Hall Black and White

Later, later

I’ll be the father, and grandfather

For I am to comfortable in solitude

Cut off from the ones I love

Cancer, cancer

Plaguing your body

While your loved ones sit and watch

This disease destroy your former self

Promise, promise

You call me to your death bed

Tears swelling in my childish eyes

You make me promise not to make the same mistake

Death, Death

You close your eyes

Embracing the darkness

Leaving me scared alone and cold

death bed