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Posted: February 2, 2013 in Poetry
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continued from A Flake in time


As we sit and look

out at the lake

we write this moment in ink

down on the pages of our story book.

I stare at the flake

as it lands softly, on your hand  turned pink


Cold only a little more

as the sun makes its rise

making its way into the sky.

The red and orange streaks start to pour

highlighting the blue in your eyes

giving into the moment I comply

winter lake

I lean in and my lips find yours for a kiss

you brush your hand over my face

a warm and sweet caress.

Another moment of pure bliss

wrapped up with you in this place

our sweet secluded ness


Our lips pull apart, the kiss divine

looking towards the rising sun

you rest your head upon my shoulder.

Intertwining your hands mine

I can feel it now my loved one

my heart begins to smoulder.


Never has a moment been so ideal

to be linked together, during the sunrise

time standing still, as I hold you near.

This event has become so surreal

I am left to surmise

this moment we will forever hold dear.


Heart shaped splash

Devoted to you

I will be beside you


The good


The bad

My love unwavering

It will never fail

Holding strong while the world

Sends its assault

Attempting to break what it knows it cannot

Nothing will pull me away

Nor deter me from you

You gave me your heart

And I told you I would hold it gently

Never will I let it drop

Cherishing it forever