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Posted: February 11, 2013 in Poetry
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Alone 2



not intentionally

… a part of life



Almost to tears now

in a sea of people

can I find you…


Alone 1

Hidden away by this distance

slaves of life we sit and lay

in empty beds; apart

at night


Tears form in our lonely eyes

even now as I write this to you

wishing i could feel you

skin on skin

Alone 4

Face to face, we lay

our arms around the other

caressing each other gently

I wish


Crying now I lay here

these chains binding me

keeping me

from you

Alone 3

I lay awake thinking of you

how I would love to have you

in my arms, watching you

sleeping on my chest


Alas, I cannot, hold you

touch you, or caress you

All I can do, is wish and wait, feeling