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Posted: January 31, 2013 in Poetry
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I just wanna get some stuff off my chest
It just feels… well just listen


I was down

buried deep

in a dark hole.

No light at all

I beat myself down

comparing myself to the next.

Falling back in to my old ways

reverting to the self destruction that started all of this

Damn it, I even thought about calling it quits


but God was watching me,

my Girl came to me

my Guardian Angel

through the grace of God

she found me buried deep deep underground

hands removing the Earth above me.

Light appears, and I see your face

And I wonder why the fuck I was down

Getting me back you my feet, you kiss me

whisper your words of love

mending my soul.


Well now I’m back

back to the basics

I owe it to Him and Her

God and my Angel

I owe you my lives

For that I am eternally grateful

Loyal to you two for life

I can’t believe what almost happened

Realizing the gift I have,

I’m gonna use it.

Seeing my purpose in life,

I’m gonna seize it

Take it and run with it

give others the same help

you gave me.


Posted: January 24, 2013 in Poetry
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There is something

deep within

buried down

hidden from view

trying to climb

assaulting me

fighting its way

climbing to the top

trying to make

me submit

to its will


fighting back

not giving in

absorbing the strength

that you send

not giving up on me

seeing my purpose


guiding me towards

the correct path

showing me what it is

that I was put here to do

I take your strength

fighting them off

shoving them down

back into the catacombs

of my hardened heart

the path

I stand on the rock

of my faith

throwing them back

banishing them

locking them away

never again will I slip

I now stand in salvation