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Posted: February 8, 2013 in Poetry
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Continued from bath :

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On my knees I wait,

head bowed

per your instruction.

Naked on the bare floor

knees sore from the wait

collar and leash draped from my neck

rope, over my shoulder


Hearing you in the garage

I sit up straight, and think of your touch

my length stiffens, like I know you want

The door handle moves and I tense

now hard and ready for you

and mio punizione


Upon entering you see me

A smirk breaks upon your face

Noticing I got every detail right

down to the outfit laid by my side:

the purple, black corset complete with

the blue bow and black stilettos


You walk up to me, grab my chin

whispering in my ear “Good Boy”

I love that name; makes me harder

“Thank you Mistress” I reply

You grab me by the leash and walk me to the bed

you order me on my back

getting into position securing my hands to the headboard


A quick change of attire leaves me speechless

you fill the corset perfectly; my gaze lowers

your sex exposed, my cock throbbing and pulsing

longing to taste and feel you

your heels click against the floor as you approach

you trace one finger down my chest to my length


You grab my cock firmly slowly beginning to stroke

up and down I can feel my climax approaching fast

“No my pet!” and you stop. “Only I will cum tonight”

You come up the bed, crawling over me

Your wet pussy brushes over my length,

nearly sending me over the edge


Continuing up my body, you lower upon my mouth

Eagerly I lick along your lips, just parting them

down and back up to your swollen clit

I suck hard, teeth grazing, licking softly

Moans escape your mouth as your hand grabs my hair

You push me deep into you; My tongue sliding deep


Devouring you now, my tongue sliding in and out

faster and faster; as your hips start to grind

back and forth, your thighs tighten

licking back up to your clit; then back down deep into you

Thrusting against my tongue; your climax close

thighs tighten; the numbing feeling encasing you


Cumming hard and fast you grip my head

pushing me deep; coating my tongue

your essence sweet; I lick up every drop

you get off of me, and kiss me deeply

whispering “that was the warm up”