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Good Boy Part 1

Posted: February 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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“You have been such a good boy tonight my pet!” Exclaimed Miss Scarlett
“Thank you Mistress!” I quickly reply my cock hard even after soaking the insides of my leather pants from my first orgasm.
“Stand!” she ordered “I am feeling quite generous tonight and you shall be rewarded for your behavior”
Obeying I suppress a smile.
“On the bed and on your back” She further instructed, and again I obey loving each command she gave me.

Lying on the bed I take in her full beauty. Blond hair accented with black tips fell lightly down her ample breasts. Those perfect tits filled up my favorite green corset that she wore especially for me today. My eyes continue down her body looking at a pair of black ruffled panties that complimented the green corset perfectly. I gaze further down and find she had my favorite pair of black pumps on, further hardening me to an almost painful erection.

Coming up beside me she grabbed my erection through my pants nearly sending me over the edge; but I know the rule, never and I mean never cum without permission. She smiled at the look of hunger and pure desire on my face. Scratching a single finger up my chest; she took my chin into my hand and whispered

“Tonight pet, you don’t need my permission”

          “Yes Miss Scarlett” I replied blissfully

She kissed me deeply moving down my jawline to my neck. The soft kisses were quickly replaced with hard bites at the tendons on the base of my neck. She began to slide her hand down my pants grabbing my cock firmly stroking it nice and slow. Not needing her permission I release my seed into her hand cumming much harder than the first time.  Slowly she removed her hand and began to lick up my cum from her hand but didn’t swallow, instead she came in kissing me deeply sliding her tongue into my mouth letting me taste myself.

“You taste good my pet” she said wiping a small drop from her lips.

          “Thank you Mistress”

Thinking my reward was over I closed my eyes and rested my head on the pillow. However, Miss Scarlett had other plans. Quick as a flash she removed my pants taking my cock into her hands and ever so gently begin to lick the side from the base to the tip where she nipped gently. Hardening almost instantly, I think to myself: what is she trying to do give me stretch marks? I look up and see her gently stroking my now rock hard cock and sucking just the tip. Moaning in approval I prop myself up on my elbows and watch as she took me deep into her mouth and hum.

She grazed up to the tip and licking my slit as it rests just barely in her mouth. Tightening her grip on my dick she began stroking me faster while coaxing the pre-cum into her mouth with that skillful tongue. All I can do is scream her name and thrust deeper as I flood her mouth with my liquid warmth. Still licking she makes sure to get every last drop before swallowing my load.

Breathless, after the third and very potent and powerful orgasm, I collapse onto the bed. She began to kiss her way up my sweaty body kissing me deeply on the lips.

“Rest little one you will need your strength for you still haven’t received your full reward”