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Posted: March 4, 2013 in TwitterFamily
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Good day readers! I am happy to be sitting down with my guest Chase Boehner. He is a very talented erotic author, and very underrated in my opinion. His tales aren’t the typical erotic shorts either, their is much more emotion involved than many other erotic shorts (and yes I read a lot of erotic stories). In the stories that Chase writes he creates a world that immediately grabs your attention and pulls you immediately into the action. Make sure to check out his blog here
Why did you choose erotica over any other genre?
 I chose erotica for three main reasons. I wanted to get my publishing feet wet and it seemed like a good community to jump into and get feedback from. That has certainly been the case. Second, it is a hot genre right now so I felt like writing in this particular field would yield some very instant results in terms of if I should keep writing or pursue other passions. Third, it’s a fun genre to write in and who doesn’t want to sit down and have some fun while also being productive? I did.
Do you plan on writing in any other field? If so, which?
I plan to definitely expand. I have notebooks full at home of short horror stories. Getting the time to sort through them though has been difficult. Horror is a genre I’ve always felt connected to but felt that the genre itself has never received enough credit. There are brilliant pieces of fiction out there but if you approach them with a limited view and only ever buy what everyone else buys you miss out on what makes a genre special.
Explain your writing process: For example, where do your ideas come from? How you go about writing things down? How do you come up with your characters? Are the stories based on real life experiences?
My process isn’t all that complicated. As a writer I always have a bunch of characters talking to me and begging to get out. The erotic ones have always been there. I don’t set out with I am going to write a story about this. Inspiration strikes me suddenly and unawares most of ther time. Take the short story Sharing Kate. I was a third of the way through writing Allen and Allie part three when I hit a small block.I had to wait for the scene to naturally progress in my mind. When I hit a block I start writing something else so I am at least creating. I opened a new notebook and Sharing Kate flowed off my pen from there with no pre-thought. It was a good writers block because that story came from there and has been greatly received.
 So my favorite character you have crafted is Natalie so What spawned her creation and will we see more of her?
Again Natalie just flowed naturally off the pen. I started The Room with a basic idea and when I sat down Allie was standing outside a porn store with a friend named Dana. As I wrote it Allie ended up knowing the owner and Natalie was born. She forced her way into my mind and she has a definite future in many stories. She may even have some stand alone fiction on the way.
 How did your family react to you writing erotica? 
My wife is my biggest supporter. She has been involved from the start and has done nothing but told me she is proud of me for realizing my dream of writing. She is the perfect person for me in every aspect of my life.
5 people who have helped you the most?
So many have helped from established friends to newly made friends. Of my established friends two really stick out. Brandi and my friend Michael have know since my first publication. Michael proof read my first book gave me some confidence to proceed. Brandi has a more involved role. she not only proofreads but also has added little flares into each story that needed a push here or there. Her advice and help have been incredible and she has made each book of mine better for her involvement. Going to have to give you six friends total here. Ashley, who was my first real fan and became a fast friend. She is a total giver and supporter. Beth, who has also been in my corner and is another total giver. These ladies give great feedback and they know how to criticize without being crude. And then we have Mia who has come on and helped me edit all my books to give them more polish. Her contributions have greatly improved my narrative and she has taught me many things which have helped me develop as a writer. And lastly, Aphrodite Smiles who contacted me about working on my covers. A true blessing that gave my books that final polish and incredible appearance. Working and being friends with all these people has really been extraordinary and they are a pivotal part of my joy in this field.
 Can you give us any glimpse into the life of the man behind Chase? And is there a story behind the pen name?
There is not much to glimpse. The real man behind the Chase name is a simple family man. Nothing is more important to me than my wife and son. They are the reason I have drive and confidence to pursue my dreams. What and who I am begins and ends with them. As for the pen name I really just wanted something light and fun. I wanted it to almost be ironic but also playful and cheesy much like my real personality. I never want to take myself too seriously. My pen name reminds me to keep it light and fun and who I am reminds me to include some heart at the core of everything I write.
What are you currently working on (or recently completed) and what’s next for Chase?
Currently I am working on Girls Night with Allen, the third story in the Allen and Allie series. I am also working on extending a short I wrote of Natalie and Dana for inclusion in a collected shorts volume I want to release in the next month or two. Beyond that whatever invades my head and demands to be written down…lol
There you go ladies and gentlemen! Want to say thank you to Chase for the sit down and thank you to all those that took the time to read. I strongly recommend that if you have not yet go out and buy Chase’s books here:
  1. this is wonderful, b. two of my fave people in one place. xx

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