Posted: February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Continued from “My Turn”


backing off,

I withdraw my touch

you tried to take control

You shall be punished, i know this much


I retreat,

to the table of tools

used on me many times, I grab whip

I pull off the bow, to the bed it pools


Taking aim,

The first strike, across your right cheek

Instantly turning red, you shriek

I pause, admiring your physique


I caress,

up you back with the whip

I lean and whisper, “what do you say?”

“Thank you sir, may I have another?” you let slip


I pinch,

each nipple tightly

turning them redder and harder

“Yes you may” i whisper lightly


The next,

falls upon your left cheek,

much harder then the first

Again you make your request, “Yes Dominique”


Next three,

come in quick succession

perfectly red, you beg for more

The moans, and whimpers are under suppression



You rest, your perfect ass, now scored

I unhook your restraints, but leave the blindfold

“little one” I whisper “It’s time for your reward”

  1. ready for the full course. X

  2. gemini says:

    I like this..a little switching i see!

  3. Meri says:

    Hot!! Your words make a great visual!! Love the pictures you used too! Are we going to read about the reward?

  4. lisa298 says:

    Wow Brandon, you switch very well. You use your submissive feeling and reflect them in a dominant way – genius.
    I love your work, your friendship and your support. You are simply beautiful xxxx

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