The Eye

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Poetry
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Tell-Tale Heart


After such a heinous act

how can I be so calm

I tell you this in a pact

never tell for fear of The Eye


I remember

like yesterday

sitting there,

staring into The Eye

I felt it in the air

That’s when I knew

I had to take it,

remove The Eye


Crazy, and mad

you might think of I

Smile at you

I hold your gaze with My Eye


Now, sit and stay

be a good lad

sit down as tell

this tale of the heart gone mad


You should have seen me young lad

Meticulously was I

As I planned for those seven days;

how to steal that Eye


You would have loved to see

Oh I was so cunning

Almost salivating now

my plan was stunning


Upon each night I creep

Into the room of The Bligh

at midnight, observing

watching the Evil Eye


Cracking the door

I poke my head in, exposed

Ha! Would a crazy be as careful?

there the eye lay, closed


Seven nights did this occur

each night the same as the last, I swear

On the eighth, again I enter

This time he calls “who’s there?”


Silenced remained,

I lingered still

quiet as ever

Twas quite the thrill


“It is nothing but the wind in the chimney

it is only a mouse crossing the floor,

It is merely a cricket which has made a single chirp.”

he uttered


Though comforting the eye might try

Death lingered, so close by

Laying back down, continued on did I

I released a soft sigh


That’s when the feelings came

Anxiety crept over with no warning

Nervous? but how? I was so sure

Then, I thought, their would be no mourning


A shriek from my lips

to the bed I ran

dragging out the eye to the floor

Pulling the bed over the old man


Standing back

peeling back the planks

concealing him

to the floor I gave thanks


The deed done and finished

relishing in the moment

this act forever with me

for life I would have to own it


  1. chaseboehner says:

    Nice and macabre as anything based on Poe should be. The creep factor was high and sustained and the dread palpable.

  2. lisa298 says:

    This one gave me such chills xxx

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