Winters Wedding Night

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Poetry
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          He gazed out his window. Staring out into the winter storm as it dealt its damage, covering everything in snow. Cars, buildings, streets, it didn’t discriminate. Yet as he stood there he couldn’t help but be warm. He looked down to his hand, fingers intertwined with hers. Her. She is here, he still couldn’t believe it. After years of careful planning they were finally together. He brushed his thumb over her wedding ring as he brought her hand to his lips for an embrace. John and Emily O’Neil. Almost choking up, he kissed her hand passionately.

Emily blushed immediately. She loved when John did that. She loved the passion, and how effortless John was with romancing her. She loved him, more than anything. From the first time she met him, she knew he was the one. Though she never let him know it. After all she was his Mistress, she couldn’t be soft right? She didn’t care, this moment was perfect, watching the snow fall; the only light provided by the diminishing fire. She rested her head on his shoulder as she sighed. She hated how soft John made her feel; but couldn’t resist it either.

John couldn’t help but choke up, tears swelling in his eyes, he would never get used to having his love here with him. He took her hands into his and brought her close, forehead to forehead, they stood.

“I love you so much Emily.Tears filled her eyes “I love you too John”

He leaned in and kissed her deeply. Pulling her body to his he wrapped  his arms around her lower back. Startled by his forward approach, Emily melted, this wasn’t right she thought, he is never like this. I am the aggressor. Before she could protest any further, his hands slid under her shirt, tracing his nails gingerly up her back he reached her bra sending sparks of electricity down to her core. Emily gasped. As soon as she did she felt his warm tongue envelope hers. Moans escaped both of their mouths. He pulled her closer and she felt his erection pressing up against her. She quivered. God she wanted him right now, she didn’t care how she just wanted him inside her and she always got what she wanted.

As John pulled away from the kiss, Emily needed more. She felt her bra being unhooked, and she skillfully maneuvered it off her shoulders and let it fall down to the floor. His hands made their way to her already hard nipples. As his thumbs lightly brushed over her sensitive buds. She bit her lip, so sensitive to his touch she feared it wouldn’t be long til she reached her impending climax. His hands descended down her body to her waist line, he made quick work of her shirt, tossing it across the room. Emily stood before him naked from the waste up, he looked at her hungrily. He wanted her, and she wanted him to take her.

John gathered her up in his arms and took her to the bed. He laid her on her back, resting her gently on the pillow. Removing his shirt, she stared in awe as the flames accentuated his broad shoulders, chiseled chest, and that six pack, she longed to put her lips on him. He came up on top of her, his mouth meeting hers for a moment of pure passion. Wrapping her legs around his waist, Emily kissed back, wanting him more than ever.


          Kissing his way to her neck, he dragged his teeth along the tendons of Emily’s sensitive neck. Arching her back and moaning, John wrapped one of his arms under her, while sliding his hand down to her pants. He unbuttoned and unzipped and slid his hands down over her panties, discovering just how wet she was. He slid his index finger along her lips down and back up to her swollen clit. He looked into Emily’s needing eyes as she dug her nails into his back hard. John started rubbing circles on her clit, staring into her eyes the entire time, he could see her come undone as she cummed hard, soaking her panties with her sweet nectar.

Spent and breathless, Emily laid there panting, she pulled him in close kissing him deeply. As he pulled away he slid his tongue along her lips sending a rush to her core. She felt him suck and bite his way to each sensitive nipple. Taking one into his mouth at a time he sucked lightly grazing his teeth along them and licking as he did. Emily arched her back into his mouth, wanting more, feeling the intensity already building he moved to the other nipple doing the same, only he blew on this one, making her quiver with pleasure and desire. Just as she did, John slid down her body, taking her pants and panties with him, now she was completely bare.

John removed his pants revealing his desire and lust for her. Her orgasm nearly undid him. He stood hard, and more than willing to take her but resisted. She laid there before him, fully exposed, and his. He kissed up her legs to the apex of her thighs and bit, hard. She tensed and intertwined her fingers in his hair. Her wet pussy now exposed to him glistened with her sweet essence. John slid his tongue between her lips and started to ravage her, licking deep, sliding his tongue in and out then up to her swollen clit sucking it hard, making her pussy weep more. Just as she was getting close he felt Emily tug him up to her lips.

She kissed him deeply tasting her essence on his lips. His length pressed against her dripping sex. She looked at him and whispered. Fuck me hard.


          She wasn’t going to have to ask twice, John thrusted into her hard and deep. Both moaning, lost in lust, he began pumping into her taking long deep strokes. Sliding out to the tip then slamming into her, over and over. He leaned onto her nuzzling into her neck as he relentlessly thrusted harder and harder. Moaning into his ear, Emily clawed his back and wrapped her legs around him tight. The numbing feeling returned, crawling up from her toes, and enveloping her completely she let go and released her liquid coating John’s cock.

With her orgasm gripping his cock, John couldn’t help it. He sent seed into her cumming hard and fast. Breathless they collapsed into each others arms. Sealing their bond completely. John brought Emily to him, his chest to her back he held her close and tight. Emily and John O’Neil slowly fell asleep in each others arms, on their wedding night, listening to the sound of their hearts beating as one.


  1. Meri says:

    Love it!!! Simply beautiful, sensual & hot!

  2. blog4brandon says:

    Oh My Gosh! Thank you so much!!!

  3. This was just beautiful, so romantic & sexy too! Fantastic!

  4. Ice… I need ice. And lots of it… Beautifully hot, sensual and so emotive. Proud of you B 🙂

  5. gelytayz says:

    Oh boy! I can’t believe I’m reading this 12noon in here. Now I need a cold shower. Fucking cold shower!;)

    Need I say more? Hot hot hot and sexy as hell.

    Keepwriting lover boy!;)
    x gel

  6. Nikki Haze says:


    I thoroughly enjoyed this in several ways! It got me wet fro starters, it was also so romantic and engaging with the pictures placed strategically! Thank you for sharing this – PLEASE keep writing stories as well as poetry. You’re a gifted writer!

  7. lisa298 says:

    Romance, passion, desire and love. Brandon your work is stunning, simply bloody stunning xxxxx

  8. you’ve found your voice my dear. May your pen always hold true. gorgeous picture. X

  9. Rosekitn says:

    Wonderfully written
    Well done you

  10. Super sexy! Beautifully written erotica with perfect accompanying photographs. Excellent piece of work my friend!

  11. A beautiful tale of “Romance” intertwined with just the right amount or eros to pique the readers interests and desire… very well written and I love the accompanying photos too…..

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