Posted: February 11, 2013 in Poetry
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Alone 2



not intentionally

… a part of life



Almost to tears now

in a sea of people

can I find you…


Alone 1

Hidden away by this distance

slaves of life we sit and lay

in empty beds; apart

at night


Tears form in our lonely eyes

even now as I write this to you

wishing i could feel you

skin on skin

Alone 4

Face to face, we lay

our arms around the other

caressing each other gently

I wish


Crying now I lay here

these chains binding me

keeping me

from you

Alone 3

I lay awake thinking of you

how I would love to have you

in my arms, watching you

sleeping on my chest


Alas, I cannot, hold you

touch you, or caress you

All I can do, is wish and wait, feeling



  1. I love this so! {{{hugs}}}

  2. lisa298 says:

    I totally love and understand this piece. Parted from love cuts a part of us from the world – isolated

    I adore your poetry, darling man

  3. Perfect picture of yearning and longing. Love it so. Xxx

  4. Rosekitn says:

    A melancholic beauty….
    May you touch again soon

  5. Truly captures the agony of being seperated from our loved one.
    Very moving…

  6. Your emotion come through here, very poignant and moving….

  7. Meri says:

    Such passion & agony from separation!
    You are truly talented! I can feel your written words!

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