2 months

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Poetry

That conversation, my salvation

you caught me

nestled me into your arms

and there I have stayed.

No judging, you listened

while I poured out my problem

you listened, were there

wiping away my tears

caressing me back to life


two months ago today,

you sent your first words

just play at first, a Mistress

nothing more; because of him


I was so happy just to have you

I did not care; I had your attention

You saved me; though weren’t aware

I was head over heels for you


From that first text

I knew I had to have you.

We talked, but purely D/s

no emotions or anything new


I made a plan

I had to let you know

how I felt






I took to the pen

wrote a poem

expressing my love

for the one… you

You questioned it

wondered who it was for

…. you asked…

I told you…. everything

how I loved you

how you saved me

gave my life meaning





Taken back, you didn’t believe

you always wanted my poems for yourself

but never thought they were.

Now you knew, everything.

Feelings started to grow within

you talked with emotions now

every day I expressed my love


Then it came

those three little words

…I Love You…

To hear that which I longed for

left me speechless

heart swelled





“I love you too”


Now a couple

not just D/s anymore

but “dating”

Every day I get to talk with you

The woman I love


These two months have been bliss

So glad to be yours and you mine

I love you with all my heart




I know you are The One

  1. Wonderful words, so glad you’ve found your happiness

  2. so very happy for you my love. X

  3. Longing fulfilled…wonderful!

  4. Your content, love, and happiness come through here very nicely….

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