Appreciation of the day- Mon Ami

Posted: February 10, 2013 in TwitterFamily

As my first one of these, I wanted it to be Mon Ami because, well he has a lot of people who read his work, and it can impact a lot of people. For me he has been like an older brother to me. Or a mentor if you will. His words inspire me and make me a more confident in my writings, especially his Mistress series, made me feel comfortable with my self and my sexual desires. Through his words I have been comfortable to write as my true submissive self. I have admired the way he writes in so many ways, like his word choice, imagery, and over all style. Mon, you have been a true brother to me, when you read my work, give a re-tweet, or favorite it… it means a lot… more than you can probably know. I feel truly glad and humbled to be in your company.

Thank you,Brandon P

  1. So sweet Brandon & I for one love both of your work!!

  2. Wow, this is so cool; or as they say these day “sick”

    I could never had dreamt this would go anywhere, let alone create a single fan. It’s still such early days for me honestly as I see many, many more marvelously talented bloggers out there.

    I take the advice from S Day: to write each day & remain focused on what counts.
    Hopefully my readers can hang in there & agree

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