Posted: February 8, 2013 in Poetry

I stroll on

Down this street

memory lane

I halt my feet


Standing in front of my old home

a house filled with memories

I look to the ditch

and I think to the one winter


the snow recently fallen

three feet upon the ground

the ditch filled to the brim

running down the hill

i trip and fall into the ditch. face first


I laugh to myself

as the memory fades

I walk up the driveway

and see my dog


The snow blower going

my dog chasing the snow

She tries to eat it 

she becomes completely covered in the white powder


I make it to the top of the driveway, smiling

peering over the hill,

I look to my favorite tree

I look to us three


Me, my brother, and my dad

raking leaves in autumn

only to jump into them

and start all over


I look back out

to the street I stare

and find myself as a child

running away from my mom, naked


Three year old me, running as fast as i can

while my mom tries to catch me

I run down the street screaming

“I’m free, I’m free”


I shake my head laughing

as i turn and enter my home

looking to the living room

once decorated for Christmas


Gifts all around, my entire family gathered

cousins, aunts and uncles, grandfathers and grandmothers

I unwrap a book that I wouldn’t enjoy till much later

unknowing that it would be the last time I see most of them


I wipe a tear,

missing them now

my family

that used to be here


I look around

laughter, pain, happiness and anger

they all come flooding back

How I cherish these Memories

  1. sw36 says:

    Wow! Sweetie that’s just made me cry…totally beautiful xx

  2. lisa298 says:

    Wow, memories can warm the heart so much xxxx thank you for sharing xxx

  3. Miss Tiff Eying says:

    The ability to reflect upon our past, is such a gift. And to smile through histories tears, shows growth beyond years… Beautiful words x

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