Posted: January 29, 2013 in Poetry
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Thump, Thump

The cadence of your heart

beats to its own drum.

Soothing me, calming me

softly echoing, a sweet hum.


Thump, Thump

My arms tighten around you

closer to hear that thrum.

The room’s only light offered by the moon

I listen to your heart strum.


Thump. Thump

After our night of passion

this embrace is the sum

of our love, affection, and adoration

I slowly begin to succumb.


Thumb, Thump

My eyes feel heavy

I wonder how this could have come,

that my love for you has grown stronger

even now I ponder this as I become


Thump, Thump

Ever so tired, closing my eyes

I keep my thoughts away from

All our trials and problems that will arise

I am happy to relish and feel numb


Thump, Thump

completely taken by your embrace

I hold you tighter, beginning to swum

into the realm of dreams

never again can will my face be glum


Thump, Thump


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