Desperate Part 1

Posted: January 19, 2013 in Poetry


I so desperately wish

To hold you close

Wrapping myself



Around your heart


Kiss your lips

Caress your soul

It pains me to see you so hurt

So broken, and not there to mend you

Useless and helpless

Separated from you by only a plane ride

But still not able to reach you

Distance taking its toll

So desperate to encase you in my love

My heart lies in



It tears me apart

Seeing you going back to him

When I want to be the one you lay with

  1. perfectly and painfully emoted. achingly beautiful, sweetness. hugs of pride and comfort. x

  2. pst69 says:

    Reblogged this on pst69's Blog and commented:
    Distance is so hard..

  3. pst69 says:

    The pain of distance.. Beautiful written.. Captures.. The hurt.. The love.. Hugs pxx

  4. Lori Martini says:

    That was so beautiful! It literally brought tears to my eyes. Amazing!

  5. lostgenny says:

    You put into words exactly how I feel right now… Thank you

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