The Bath… Part 1

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Poetry



Your slender body slides into the warm water

Down onto my body

Lustfully, looking into my eyes

As your ample breasts brush past my lips

Sitting, on my lap

You grab my cock and start to stroke

Biting my lip holding back a moan

I look at you hungry as I begin to grow

Grabbing me tightly feeling me harden

The warm water adding to the pleasure

Kissing, me deeply biting my lip

You whisper, we will cum together

You slide up my body

My cock in your hand, you ease down onto me

I moan as you slowly inch down my length

You let out a moan and dig your nails into my chest

Painfully slow you rock into me

moaning I nuzzle into your neck

kissing you softly

Moans escape your lips with my touch

You slide your hands around my neck

Letting me nuzzle deeper into your neck

I start biting your neck as you move faster

Coming up to the tip and sliding down hard

My hands tighten around you

I try to suppress my orgasm, though it’s in vein

I feel your sex tighten around my length

Its enough to send me over the edge

I thrust into you and fill you with my liquid warmth

Setting off your orgasm

We ride them out together

You whisper into my ear

“You cummed without my permission, you will be punished”

  1. Very steamy, sweets. Hot. Hot. Hot.

  2. lisa298 says:

    Now that is one dirty bath 😉 and I loved it, but you should know better than to release without permission 🙂

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