Posted: January 15, 2013 in Poetry


I woke with start,

Looking to you and your smiling lips

The sunshine peaks through the window

Illuminating your rosy cheeks,

Radiating to my heart

Supplying me with the warmth

to fuel my soul and

Give me the strength

To carry on in life


I ever so gently take your face in my hands

Lightly kissing you

Pouring my love into you

Caressing your cheeks with my thumb

I think to myself

“I must be in heaven”

For there are no words to describe

The way I feel,

The love you give,

The hope you spread,

You mean more to me than you know

I don’t know how I got so lucky

  1. Lori Martini says:

    Truly amazing! xo

  2. oh sweet. this is so very beautiful. tears in my eyes. xo

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