My Mistress

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Poetry


You always ask
How you got lucky
How you you won my love,
Well I’m gonna tell you

but little more than a month ago

you appeared like a ray of sunshine

on the cloudy day that is my life

For you see, I was helplessly in love with you

long before we talked


I have never been lucky in love

nor did i have a true friend

to show for my 20 years on this world

Battered, bruised, beaten down by life

I had nothing to lose

So I took a chance

I talked to you for the first time


A single conversation, about nothing in particular

The next day again we talked

This time we took off,

Soaring, our conversations, deep,

Life had not given me a good day

Parents bickering, divorce lingering in the air


I felt down, falling into the abyss again

Your arms reached out, caught me

You pulled me out, back to the light

placed me in your arms around me

and became

My Mistress


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