T’was The Night Before Christmas

Posted: December 24, 2012 in Uncategorized


T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring,  for the fun was in the bedroom.

He looked at her,
Hungry, wanting to please his mistress
“May I be selfish mistress?” he asked
“Yes my pet, It will be my present to you.” she granted

Excited to be allowed control I lay you on your back, removing all of your clothes, but leaving your panties, I kiss you very deeply. I start caressing you, lightly tracing my nails across your chest and abdomen, my lips meet yours passionately. I lay next to you with my leg on yours, I slide my hand across your panties tracing your sex. You moan softly with my tease. You have never allowed me control before and are surprised at my ability to be dominant.

I cup your face with both my hands and give you a soft sweet kiss and bite your bottom lip as I pull away. You wrap your arms around my neck as my hand slowly slides down your body cupping your breast, rubbing, rolling your nipple between my thumb and finger before sliding down your slender body. I stop at the waist band of your panties. I slide just the tips of my middle two fingers under the waistline teasing you, making you want them off. You bite your lips and arch your back to my touch. I slide my hand into your panties taking my two fingers and trace them along your wetness; as I do I slowly make my way to your neck. Very slowly I slide my fingers in letting you feel every inch of them. You dig your nails into my back moaning as you do. I reach your neck and give a playful bite. You pull my head up and look at me with desire
“Make me cum Pet” you whisper

My fingers slide as deep as they can as I nuzzle back into your neck. I hold my fingers deep inside you and move them back and forth exploring your sex, as my thumb lightly traces over your clit, teasing it. Lost in pleasure your breathing gets heavy. Faster and faster I move my fingers in you as you start thrusting against my hand. I slide my fingers out just a little and quickly thrust them back in.

I keep doing this as my mouth makes its way to your chest, licking, biting, sucking on your nipple. You bite your lip as my touch brings you closer to ecstasy. I do the same to the other nipple before kissing my way to your soaked panties. I continue to thrust my fingers faster and faster as I feel you start tightening around me. I pull off your thong with my free hand as my tongue finds your clit. I lick slowly at first and gently suck. You tighten around my fingers as they move in and out harder and harder going as deep as they can. You start to feel the numbness spreading through your body. Gripping my head you thrust into me. I lick faster and thrust my fingers harder as you embrace your climax. Quickly I remove my fingers and slide my tongue deep into you as your sweet juices coat my tongue. Your body goes limp and I crawl up next to you. I look to the clock 12:15AM

“Merry Christmas Mistress” I whisper

  1. mirabella says:

    Molto caldo!! Enjoyed very much sweets! Sounds like a very merry time!! Love, Bxxx

  2. Love it B! Beautifully erotic. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  3. It just keeps getting better! X

  4. Lori Martini says:

    This def lit my fire doll, very sexy! mmmmmmm

  5. lisa298 says:

    Well done on a steamy Christmas tale, I shall forevermore have a naughty glint in my eye on Christmas Eve as I read the story as I do every year.
    I love the thought that you surprise your mistress with your ability to take the lead

    Very hot

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