My Light

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Poetry



You are my light that keeps my soul alive

In the deep trenches of my life

I see the speck of light in this dismal place

Sent here, I stand forsaken by a world

That which will never understand me


I am drawn to its beauty

The bright white light among

This pitch black nothingness

Towards it I must go


I move as if pulled by it

Away from all the

Hatred, Torment, and Pain

Drifting silently through this abyss


It’s so beautiful

Shining its love far into this hateful realm

Caught in its grace my soul is lifted

Cleansed of its rage


I reach the light

Seeing only my Guardian Angel

Standing before me

Embracing me with affection


We move away

Never looking back

Giving me strength

When no one else could


I look forth to our path ahead

Not caring what I see

Happy to be encased in your warmth

And glad to be out of the blackness


For where ever I go

For what ever I do

I will always love you

My Guardian Angel

  1. the only word i have is…lovely. xo

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