Unexpected Visitor- The Finale

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Poetry

I lay face down


Tied to the bed


Headphones in place

And gagged

All of my senses are cut off

You are in complete control

I know not where you will come from

What you will do

I hear nothing

See nothing

Pain streaks across my back

And surges through my body

To my length

I breathe heavier

My heart pounds in my chest

Not knowing what is going on around me

Again the strikes come

This time from the other side of me

My body goes rigid

The pain is intense

I can feel the skin on my back parting

Letting forth a slight trickle of blood

Two more times the pain comes across me

The crimson flows more

A pause

My body goes limp

Panting, I wonder what is going to follow

A cool wet sensation traces

along my torn back


My unexpected visitor is caring

The coolness soothes my throbbing back

You’re gloved hand traces my cuts

slowly makes its way down




You grab a hold of my ass

and give it a playful slap

This sends a jolt through me

as you spread my cheeks apart

revealing my virgin hole

Your finger traces it

muffled moans escape my lips

My body greedily awaits your next touch

Wanting what I know is coming

I feel a cool sensation around my hole…

One finger sliding slowly in to me





Harder I grow

Two fingers now penetrate me

Filing me

Faster you thrust them into me

In and out you go

Thrusting harder and harder

Stretching me




When I am filled even greater

pain mixed with pleasure as

tears come as expected for the first time.

You grab my hips as you thrust deep into me

faster and faster

grabbing me

slapping my ass

even harder I become

with your every thrust.

Our bodies move as one

Closer to climax we both soar

Your hand finds my hard length

Stroking me as we embrace ecstasy

We cum together

You pull the strap on out of me

You free me from my bonds

and my senses return



We collapse on the bed together

Panting heavily

I am glad for this unexpected visit

  1. So exquisitely erotic! Xx

  2. pst69 says:

    Reblogged this on pst69's Blog and commented:

  3. pst69 says:

    Striking, full of passion… You have the gift.. Hugs px

  4. lisa298 says:

    And finally you give us that which you have withheld from us 🙂

    Erotic and pulse raising

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