Forbidden Love

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Poetry


My hear aches

My soul desires

For your touch

For your love

I approach you’re house

Walk around to you’re window

Where I have stood so many nights before

Waiting for you to come to the ledge

As you do every night

Just so I can get a glimpse of your beauty

Yet I remain unnoticed

You glance over me

Not seeing me standing there

Never knowing how I feel

Or the love I have to offer

I see you every day

You belong to another man

It pains me to see this

Breaking my heart

I hope that one day

You will turn your gaze upon me

I will get to brush my hand across your cheek

Yet I know this will not come to pass

You are His

He would not let you go

Nor would you leave him

I am stuck in this torment

My heart wanting what it can’t get

For I know it is


  1. pst69 says:

    Reblogged this on pst69's Blog and commented:
    The love pxxx

  2. pst69 says:

    So good.. So much true desire pxx

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