Special Place

Posted: November 18, 2012 in Poetry

My mind searching

For what to say

For what to do



To serve you

To please you

My Lady

I scan the room



I go to our special room

I find the rope, whip and gag

I undress

Draping the rope around me

Placing the gag in my mouth and holding the whip as an offering

Upon coming home, you search for me

Calling my name but I don’t answer

You arrive to our special place

And smile upon seeing me

You lay me down on my stomach

I am tied down, but free

Tracing the whip over my back

I quiver, the pleasure surging through my body

Walking around me




My body red



But satisfied

You lean over me

Whispering in my ear

“Our fun has just begun”

  1. mirabella says:

    molto caldo love! sweet words of heart’s content. Brava!

  2. gemini says:


  3. gelytayz says:

    Sounds a special place to me.;)

  4. 🙂
    What fun! sharing, like it should be allowed. Loved it. I’d probably catch a cold waiting, but loved it nonetheless.

  5. lisa298 says:

    I love how your poems seem to be only the beginning of what the night has to offer. I also love the difference in momentum

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