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To you,
my love.
I give you this,
a small token,
for all that you do.
From the moment you entered my life,
you saved my soul,
gave me hope.
You saved my life.
I told you how I felt,
took the risk,
 told you how I felt.
It worked!
You felt the same for me,
Why? I did not care.
On that day,
you became mine,
and I became yours;
your partner.
nearly three months later,
I love you more than words can describe.
You have given me:
for that,
I am speechless.
Just know this:
I will always love you,
cherish you,
 be there,
for you,
Good day readers! I am happy to be sitting down with my guest Chase Boehner. He is a very talented erotic author, and very underrated in my opinion. His tales aren’t the typical erotic shorts either, their is much more emotion involved than many other erotic shorts (and yes I read a lot of erotic stories). In the stories that Chase writes he creates a world that immediately grabs your attention and pulls you immediately into the action. Make sure to check out his blog here
Why did you choose erotica over any other genre?
 I chose erotica for three main reasons. I wanted to get my publishing feet wet and it seemed like a good community to jump into and get feedback from. That has certainly been the case. Second, it is a hot genre right now so I felt like writing in this particular field would yield some very instant results in terms of if I should keep writing or pursue other passions. Third, it’s a fun genre to write in and who doesn’t want to sit down and have some fun while also being productive? I did.
Do you plan on writing in any other field? If so, which?
I plan to definitely expand. I have notebooks full at home of short horror stories. Getting the time to sort through them though has been difficult. Horror is a genre I’ve always felt connected to but felt that the genre itself has never received enough credit. There are brilliant pieces of fiction out there but if you approach them with a limited view and only ever buy what everyone else buys you miss out on what makes a genre special.
Explain your writing process: For example, where do your ideas come from? How you go about writing things down? How do you come up with your characters? Are the stories based on real life experiences?
My process isn’t all that complicated. As a writer I always have a bunch of characters talking to me and begging to get out. The erotic ones have always been there. I don’t set out with I am going to write a story about this. Inspiration strikes me suddenly and unawares most of ther time. Take the short story Sharing Kate. I was a third of the way through writing Allen and Allie part three when I hit a small block.I had to wait for the scene to naturally progress in my mind. When I hit a block I start writing something else so I am at least creating. I opened a new notebook and Sharing Kate flowed off my pen from there with no pre-thought. It was a good writers block because that story came from there and has been greatly received.
 So my favorite character you have crafted is Natalie so What spawned her creation and will we see more of her?
Again Natalie just flowed naturally off the pen. I started The Room with a basic idea and when I sat down Allie was standing outside a porn store with a friend named Dana. As I wrote it Allie ended up knowing the owner and Natalie was born. She forced her way into my mind and she has a definite future in many stories. She may even have some stand alone fiction on the way.
 How did your family react to you writing erotica? 
My wife is my biggest supporter. She has been involved from the start and has done nothing but told me she is proud of me for realizing my dream of writing. She is the perfect person for me in every aspect of my life.
5 people who have helped you the most?
So many have helped from established friends to newly made friends. Of my established friends two really stick out. Brandi and my friend Michael have know since my first publication. Michael proof read my first book gave me some confidence to proceed. Brandi has a more involved role. she not only proofreads but also has added little flares into each story that needed a push here or there. Her advice and help have been incredible and she has made each book of mine better for her involvement. Going to have to give you six friends total here. Ashley, who was my first real fan and became a fast friend. She is a total giver and supporter. Beth, who has also been in my corner and is another total giver. These ladies give great feedback and they know how to criticize without being crude. And then we have Mia who has come on and helped me edit all my books to give them more polish. Her contributions have greatly improved my narrative and she has taught me many things which have helped me develop as a writer. And lastly, Aphrodite Smiles who contacted me about working on my covers. A true blessing that gave my books that final polish and incredible appearance. Working and being friends with all these people has really been extraordinary and they are a pivotal part of my joy in this field.
 Can you give us any glimpse into the life of the man behind Chase? And is there a story behind the pen name?
There is not much to glimpse. The real man behind the Chase name is a simple family man. Nothing is more important to me than my wife and son. They are the reason I have drive and confidence to pursue my dreams. What and who I am begins and ends with them. As for the pen name I really just wanted something light and fun. I wanted it to almost be ironic but also playful and cheesy much like my real personality. I never want to take myself too seriously. My pen name reminds me to keep it light and fun and who I am reminds me to include some heart at the core of everything I write.
What are you currently working on (or recently completed) and what’s next for Chase?
Currently I am working on Girls Night with Allen, the third story in the Allen and Allie series. I am also working on extending a short I wrote of Natalie and Dana for inclusion in a collected shorts volume I want to release in the next month or two. Beyond that whatever invades my head and demands to be written down…lol
There you go ladies and gentlemen! Want to say thank you to Chase for the sit down and thank you to all those that took the time to read. I strongly recommend that if you have not yet go out and buy Chase’s books here:

Good Boy Part 1

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“You have been such a good boy tonight my pet!” Exclaimed Miss Scarlett
“Thank you Mistress!” I quickly reply my cock hard even after soaking the insides of my leather pants from my first orgasm.
“Stand!” she ordered “I am feeling quite generous tonight and you shall be rewarded for your behavior”
Obeying I suppress a smile.
“On the bed and on your back” She further instructed, and again I obey loving each command she gave me.

Lying on the bed I take in her full beauty. Blond hair accented with black tips fell lightly down her ample breasts. Those perfect tits filled up my favorite green corset that she wore especially for me today. My eyes continue down her body looking at a pair of black ruffled panties that complimented the green corset perfectly. I gaze further down and find she had my favorite pair of black pumps on, further hardening me to an almost painful erection.

Coming up beside me she grabbed my erection through my pants nearly sending me over the edge; but I know the rule, never and I mean never cum without permission. She smiled at the look of hunger and pure desire on my face. Scratching a single finger up my chest; she took my chin into my hand and whispered

“Tonight pet, you don’t need my permission”

          “Yes Miss Scarlett” I replied blissfully

She kissed me deeply moving down my jawline to my neck. The soft kisses were quickly replaced with hard bites at the tendons on the base of my neck. She began to slide her hand down my pants grabbing my cock firmly stroking it nice and slow. Not needing her permission I release my seed into her hand cumming much harder than the first time.  Slowly she removed her hand and began to lick up my cum from her hand but didn’t swallow, instead she came in kissing me deeply sliding her tongue into my mouth letting me taste myself.

“You taste good my pet” she said wiping a small drop from her lips.

          “Thank you Mistress”

Thinking my reward was over I closed my eyes and rested my head on the pillow. However, Miss Scarlett had other plans. Quick as a flash she removed my pants taking my cock into her hands and ever so gently begin to lick the side from the base to the tip where she nipped gently. Hardening almost instantly, I think to myself: what is she trying to do give me stretch marks? I look up and see her gently stroking my now rock hard cock and sucking just the tip. Moaning in approval I prop myself up on my elbows and watch as she took me deep into her mouth and hum.

She grazed up to the tip and licking my slit as it rests just barely in her mouth. Tightening her grip on my dick she began stroking me faster while coaxing the pre-cum into her mouth with that skillful tongue. All I can do is scream her name and thrust deeper as I flood her mouth with my liquid warmth. Still licking she makes sure to get every last drop before swallowing my load.

Breathless, after the third and very potent and powerful orgasm, I collapse onto the bed. She began to kiss her way up my sweaty body kissing me deeply on the lips.

“Rest little one you will need your strength for you still haven’t received your full reward”

L’anima è in gabbia

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at the cold iron bars

gazing up at the stars,

in gabbia


what to write?

What to say?

these words I cannot array

in gabbia


Wishing I was there

to comfort you,

i am not, this much is true

in gabbia


Life getting in the way

Obscuring our time together

One day soon my dear heather

in gabbia


things get in the way,

just know my love is strong

it has been all along

in gabbia


We are apart now

in separate cages for now

this won’t be always, I won’t allow

we will be together

io prometto


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Continued from “My Turn”


backing off,

I withdraw my touch

you tried to take control

You shall be punished, i know this much


I retreat,

to the table of tools

used on me many times, I grab whip

I pull off the bow, to the bed it pools


Taking aim,

The first strike, across your right cheek

Instantly turning red, you shriek

I pause, admiring your physique


I caress,

up you back with the whip

I lean and whisper, “what do you say?”

“Thank you sir, may I have another?” you let slip


I pinch,

each nipple tightly

turning them redder and harder

“Yes you may” i whisper lightly


The next,

falls upon your left cheek,

much harder then the first

Again you make your request, “Yes Dominique”


Next three,

come in quick succession

perfectly red, you beg for more

The moans, and whimpers are under suppression



You rest, your perfect ass, now scored

I unhook your restraints, but leave the blindfold

“little one” I whisper “It’s time for your reward”

My turn

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This moment

forever I will save it

you have set me free

and it’s My Turn


I look to the bed,

Face down, your alabaster skin,

glowing in the pale moonlight

this night, nothing short of sin


Walking to you, with blind fold in hand

I secure it over your ice blue eyes

I press my lips to yours, deeply

before securing your hands in ties


I kiss down your back

goosebumps appear, you shiver

down, kissing each of your cheeks,

I kiss lower to your lips, you quiver


parting them with my fingers

delving my tongue deep into your slit

trusting back, you invite me deeper

I withdraw, and my hand leaves it’s imprint


“No, tonight is my night little one”

The Eye

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Tell-Tale Heart


After such a heinous act

how can I be so calm

I tell you this in a pact

never tell for fear of The Eye


I remember

like yesterday

sitting there,

staring into The Eye

I felt it in the air

That’s when I knew

I had to take it,

remove The Eye


Crazy, and mad

you might think of I

Smile at you

I hold your gaze with My Eye


Now, sit and stay

be a good lad

sit down as tell

this tale of the heart gone mad


You should have seen me young lad

Meticulously was I

As I planned for those seven days;

how to steal that Eye


You would have loved to see

Oh I was so cunning

Almost salivating now

my plan was stunning


Upon each night I creep

Into the room of The Bligh

at midnight, observing

watching the Evil Eye


Cracking the door

I poke my head in, exposed

Ha! Would a crazy be as careful?

there the eye lay, closed


Seven nights did this occur

each night the same as the last, I swear

On the eighth, again I enter

This time he calls “who’s there?”


Silenced remained,

I lingered still

quiet as ever

Twas quite the thrill


“It is nothing but the wind in the chimney

it is only a mouse crossing the floor,

It is merely a cricket which has made a single chirp.”

he uttered


Though comforting the eye might try

Death lingered, so close by

Laying back down, continued on did I

I released a soft sigh


That’s when the feelings came

Anxiety crept over with no warning

Nervous? but how? I was so sure

Then, I thought, their would be no mourning


A shriek from my lips

to the bed I ran

dragging out the eye to the floor

Pulling the bed over the old man


Standing back

peeling back the planks

concealing him

to the floor I gave thanks


The deed done and finished

relishing in the moment

this act forever with me

for life I would have to own it



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Upon entering her house, Jenny kicked off her heels and felt something was wrong; the lights were off. The lights were never off. She had them on a timer that turned them on every day when she got home at 7:00 p.m. She fumbled for the light switch and quickly discovered it wasn’t working. Jenny watched enough horror movies to know when the lights didn’t work she was gonna die. That’s when she heard it, the distance noise barely audible, but she recognized the song, moonlight sonata. Well, she thought, at least the killer knows me well.  She started to head towards the bedroom, why she didn’t know.

She took a step forward-crunch- her heart skipped a beat, and sweat started pouring down her face. She stopped and bent down to feel what she stepped on. She couldn’t see it, but she could smell it. Roses. No one knew she liked flowers… but Him… And he lived in Rhode Island, and she lived way out in California. Jeremy was finishing up his firefighter training, so he couldn’t be here… could he? She slowly made her way down the hall and stopped in front of the door, hand on the handle. The music was louder now. Could she do it? Open the door? Jenny took a deep breath and slowly turned the handle and opened the door.

When she opened the door she was completely taken back by the sight. She first noticed the candles that decorated the room which light up the floor and she saw the rose pedal pathway to the bed. She stepped into the room towards the bed and discovered their was a large pile of roses in the shape of a heart. Upon the pedal heart there was a note. She picked up the note and read it: “Turn around” She twirled around and saw him, Jeremy, down on one knee in a 3-piece suit, holding a ring. “Will you marry me?” he asked.

She rushed to him and dragged him to his feet and kissed him deeply. “Is that a yes?” he asked in his deep, calm voice that she longed to hear. Jenny couldn’t talk, she was speechless. She just nodded ‘yes’. He slipped on the ring and intertwined his fingers in hers. “But.. how? I mean” She started, but before she could finish his lips were upon her. Jeremy kissed her hard and deep. Jenny melted to his touch, she longed to be enclosed in his muscular arms. Almost as if reading her mind, Jeremy picked her up and gently placed her on her back on the bed. He caressed her dark brown hair behind her ears and brought her in for a deep passionate kiss. His mouth devoured her lips, she hissed and Jeremy slid his tongue into her mouth twirling it around hers.

Jeremy pulled away from the kiss and Jenny wanted more, much more than that. Already dripping wet for him she lunged after him and slid off his suit jacket. Taking him by the belt she made quick work of it and his jeans. Jeremy was hard, very hard. His cock bulging in his boxers, he longed to be in her capable hands. Jenny teased him and licked his length trough his boxers.

Jeremy groaned at Jenny’s touch. He needed her, he loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his broad shoulders, exposing his tattoo -he tightened the tie again knowing Jenny loved it- a dragon wrapped around his left side and came up across his chiseled chest and stopped on the right side of his neck. Jenny sat up and traced the tattoo. Jeremy took her face into his right hand; while the left slid around to her back and grabbed the zipper of her little black dress and slowly slid it down the curves of her body. When it came to a stop just above her perfectly round ass, he started sliding it down her body as he kissed her. Down past her shoulders revealing the sexy red lace bra she sported.

Jenny laid back, as she let Jeremy work her dress down past her ass and soaked matching red panties. Jeremy caressed up her slender alabaster legs coming to a rest on her soaked panties. He leaned over and licked along her dripping core. “That’s pay back little one.” he said as she gasped and was nearly sent over the edge. He bit her panties and skillfully slid them down her legs and off. He licked back up her legs and spread them wide as he reached her weeping sex.

Jenny could feel the heat of his breath on her pussy. She longed for him, she needed him. She looked down just in time to see Jeremy smile before sliding his tongue flat and evenly pressured along her lips. She arched her back and thrusted against his tongue inviting him to taste her more. He came up to her clit twirling it with his tongue. Jenny felt him take her clit into his mouth between his teeth. He teased it with his tongue before sliding two fingers deep into her brushing against that spot. She came instantly coating his fingers in her essence.

Jeremy slowly removed his fingers and licked them clean while Jenny watched. The taste and smell of her potent orgasm invigorated him. He needed to take her and now. He came up on her and teased the her with the tip of his throbbing erection. In record breaking time he found the latex in his suit pocket and covered his cock. And eased into her very slowly, inch by inch he tortured her by taking his time.

Jenny felt his hard cock stretch her as he filled her. As he got as deep as he could, he quickly slid all the way out then thrusted back into her hard. She arched her back, moaning his name. Jeremy found his rhythm, thrusting deep and hard into her. With a slight adjustment, each thrust began to hit her G-spot, she screamed with pleasure, as she began to tighten around him. Groaning Jeremy pounded against her; they were both close. his rough hand found her clit, rubbing in circles the friction sent Jenny over the edge. She  gripped the bed as she tightened and came over his cock.

Her second orgasm was much harder and more intense than the first, causing Jeremy to nearly come undone. A few thrusts more he couldn’t hold it back any more and as quick as a flash, he pulled out, removed the condom, and sent his seed over her perky breasts. Jenny loved it and licked up his delicious load.

Jeremy collapsed next to Jenny and pulled her next to him, both breathless, Jenny managed to say “Um why didn’t my light turn on?” Jeremy grinned “Funny story about that…”

Letter of Love

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To My Love,


This will be the first Valentines Day I will have celebrated, and I am very happy it is with you. You are the love of my life;  and every day I feel so blessed that we are together. While it has only been two moths, we have an incredible connection that I have never felt before. We are connected at such a deep level that we feel each others happiness, pain, sorrow, joy, grief, etc. It really is an amazing feeling.
I cannot wait until we can be together my love. Till I can hold you in my arms, caress you, kiss you and hear that amazing laugh I love in person. I have known that you were ‘the one’ for me since the first time we talked to each other. You always wonder why I fell for you, it is really simple actually. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. When I am with you I can act like me and I know I won’t be judged. You make me smile so many different ways. Like our legendary math skills *winks* No matter how bad my day might be, or how sad I am feeling, you are always there to make me feel better. You are my rock, the person I can count on through thick and thin. I can’t imagine my life with out you. You bring purpose and meaning into my life. And lets not forget that you are the reason that I am here today writing you this.

I know distance can be a prick some (most) times, but know that we can over come it, because our love is strong and cannot be denied. We have something that was meant to be, and we prove it every day. I know as our first Valentines Day together we both wish we could spend it in the others arms,  we are together through our connection. While I cannot be there in person to read this to you and give you the romance you deserve, know that you are in my heart, and I am here for you now, and I will be forever.

With ALL My Love,



Appreciation Of The Day-Beth

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Dear Beth,

Well now it probably safe to call you sis. We have known each other for a while now, and you have helped me through a great deal during that time.  You have always been there for me to talk to and you truly listen and you truly understand my problems. For example, what it means to be apart from the one you love. And to be honest, I admire your strength through it. You and P have something truly amazing. Then there are your poems. Each one is as brilliant as the last. I truly admire all of them and read them over and over again. You inspire me to explore all sides of poetry and story telling, not just the steamy stuff, but the darker and emotional sides as well as love story poems. Never underestimate the impact you can have on someone. You are my best friend and I am so glad we have “met”.

Brandon P